Thoroughly Modern Marriage
Written by CBC   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 00:00

From Prince William & Kate, to Archie & Veronica, marriage is making headlines like never before.  Yet there are more single people than married for the first time in Canadian history, due to a high divorce rate and the popularity of common-law unions.  More of us are saying “Why bother?” rather than “I do”.  Thoroughly Modern Marriage examines our most fascinating social institution and asks, is it worth saving?

“Marriage is being forced to adapt to changing times,” says Sue Ridout, director and producer. “Brides and grooms are older – five years older on average than in previous generations – and more couples get settled with houses, careers, even children before they tie the knot – if they do at all.  We’re at a controversial tipping point, with more Canadians who are single rather than married, and it raises the question of whether marriage as an institution has a viable future. ” full story and video

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